What's Inside?

only the good stuff

with no added oil or artificial sweeteners

The Passion
     It all started with a simple passion for cooking and creating recipes made from wholesome, nutrient-rich ingredients and sharing the benefits of this lifestyle.

   Because of this, we are committed to using simple superfood ingredients that you know and love. We take great pride in these ingredients, as well as the balanced nutrition that comes with every bite!

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The Product
     With your health and wellness in mind, Good Mood Food created it first product: Quinoa Brittle.

    We combine a balanced mix of nutrient -rich ingredients, including superfood seeds, protein-packed nuts, and energizing whole grains, to create our satisfyingly crunchy, multi-purpose brittle bars.

    Quinoa Brittle can be enjoyed as a superfood snack bar straight from the bag, packed into lunches, or on-the-go, but Quinoa Brittle is more than just another bar.

     The possibilities are endless with Quinoa Brittle, and we would love for you to tag us @enjoygoodmoodfood or include the #enjoygoodmoodfood on Instagram or Facebook, so we can see how you enjoy your Quinoa Brittle!
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The Purpose
     YOU are the purpose!

     That's right, YOU are the reason that Good Mood Food is able to turn a simple passion for wholesome eating into something bigger and better.

    We believe that liveliness, positivity, and prosperity all begin with what you nourishing your body, so we are her to make that nourishment as simple as possible. We want to see you thrive on your wellness journey, and we want to make that possible by offering simple, nutrient-rich products that do not sacrifice on taste, satisfaction, or convenience.

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